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A Better Way  for Student Assessment & Feedback

 Capture Thought is a Portable Smartphone Stand Designed for Students to Show What They Know

 Designed by a Teacher,

Made to Help Students


With Capture Thought, students use any smartphone to demonstrate true depth of knowledge via short video showing their understanding.

It's lightweight, foldable and fits inside any standard 3-ring binder. 

The ABC's of Capture Thought 


Accelerates Student Learning


Boost Student Engagement


Creates  a learning community
Conveys Student Thinking Beyond Paper and Pencil

Virtual Learning Made Simple

Capture Thought
Dry Erase Board

Capture Thought
Virtual Classroom

Capture Thought Dry-Erase Pens & Erasers-Set of 3


Total game changer!


I'm getting a better quality look of what my students know. Capture Thought has really changed my teaching for the better.


- Chris Irwin

Great tool for learning!


Used this for my class during distance learning.


- John L.

Unique gift for your teens!


Useful tool for at home study.


- C.Buckley.

Easy for Thrid Graders to set up and show their thinking!


Highly recommended.


- Laura.

Great Product, Great Price.


Amazing Idea From a Teacher!


- Alvaro.

Schools using Capture Thought

"From their videos, you could tell that students prepped beforehand and thought through the problem prior to completing it on video. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the videos and seeing how students think through to complete the problems. I also got to see students going through the problem and then realize mistakes they made and needing to try again."
-Elvira. S 
Math 8 & Algebra 1 Teacher 

Designed for students



Capture Thought is designed to support a smartphone up to 12 oz.



Capture Thought is designed for portability, it's just 0.75in when folded.

Captures the entire whiteboard


Capture Thought comes with a whiteboard.



Capture Thought weighs just over 16 oz, so you won't even notice it in your 3-ring binder...just like in this picture.

Capture Thought was invented by Joe DiOrio, an award-winning math teacher in California.


As someone with over 20 years of teaching experience, who understands the needs of teachers and students, Joe has created a practical and effective tool in a classroom setting.

Capture Thought is truly a versatile, portable stand designed to help teachers understand their students’ true depth of knowledge.

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