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Capture Thought

A Portable Phone Stand For Every Student

Get a better understanding of your students’ thought processes now with Capture Thought!




Make Distance Learning Work For You!

With the unique design of Capture Thought, you can easily see what your students are doing during your virtual learning lessons. Your students can also clearly see your examples too.

The ABCs of Capture Thought Virtual Classroom

Accelerated Student Learning

Boost Student Engagement

Conveys Student Thinking

Create a Community of Learning

Customize Your Capture Thought

We also provide teacher training so that you can make the most out of Capture Thought

Customize your Capture Thought with your school colors and engraved logo!

Custom laser engraving is available for orders of 30 units or more.
Limited to 2.75in x 1.25in, as shown here.
Teacher training is available for orders of 30 units or more.
Email for more information.