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Our Story

Joe DiOrio is an award-winning Californian math teacher. With over 19 years of experience, he understands the needs of teachers and students. This is where his inspiration came from when he created the Capture Thought. Teachers can now better understand the true depth of a student’s knowledge.

The Capture Thought is light and durable. It easily fits into students’ binders and is strong enough to support the average smartphone. Making it practical and effective for everyday use.




The story of Capture Thought begins with a desire to give my students a more authentic way to demonstrate their knowledge. Frustrated by grading papers every weekend and not being able to see my students explain their thinking, I knew there had to be a better way for them to communicate their understanding beyond just showing work on a sheet of paper.  Capture Thought allows for this to happen because it uses any smartphone to record student thinking, and the included whiteboard makes video creation fun and easy.  It's lightweight, folds flat, and quickly fits inside any standard 3-ring binder.  Now students always have a way to turn in short videos of their understanding and share those videos with others, creating a community of learning. Capture Thought has improved how I teach, and it can for you too.

- Joe DiOrio

Teacher & Inventor of Capture Thought

The ABCs of Capture Thought Virtual Classroom

Accelerated Student Learning

Boost Student Engagement

Conveys Student Thinking

Create a Community of Learning

Distance Learning

Since COVID-19, distance learning has expanded and is the first choice for many students. But many teachers have not given students the same one-on-one attention as they would in a traditional classroom setting. With Capture Thought, students can easily demonstrate their work to their teacher. And in the same way, the class can see their teacher's demonstrations.